Have you sparred with others in your martial arts school and seem to be outclassed in in speed, kicking abilities, and sheer strength? It doesn’t have to be a contest in athleticism. Everybody has natural gifts. Some people are fast. Some have explosive speed. Some can jump higher than others. Some spend a great deal of time lifting weights.

It is often unrealistic to consider beating a gifted individual at their own game. Smart instructors will suggest that you do not “play their game.” Their game is usually a way to mesmerize you with techniques that always work for them. The solution is to play your own game. The question that arises then is, What IS your game?

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One can argue, in my estimation, that Wing Tsun is a form of athletics. It is a step-by-step training method to train the muscles to react in a flexible way to defend against attack. It can be a form of athletics without being a sport, however.

To be a sport, it would have to have rules. Wing Tsun does not have anything called a rule.* It does, however, have movement principals. All the fine skills in small muscle groups must be trained. You cannot expect a muscle to react like you want it to without repeated practice.

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