Our morning classes are now 1/2 hours earlier! The time will be 6:00 am – 7:00 am starting Monday July 9, 2018 so you can now, get in a Wing Tsun class before your work day starts! The idea is to accommodate those who have full schedules in the evening hours and cannot normally attend our evening classes. In addition, morning is a great time to have a practice or a workout according to experts in the field of physical fitness.

The class is being offered initially with the purchase a Pre-Paid Tuition card, normally priced at $130 for 10 classes. For this morning class, 5-classes will be $45 and 10-classes will be $80. If you wish to try a class before purchasing the card, you may try a one-on-one trial lesson for $25.00. We will take the $25 off the purchase of a pre-paid card if you decide to go forward with your training.

Contact me if you plan on attending this class @ sifusonnenberg@wingtsunaz.com or

call me at 480-668-9220 and leave message. If you want me to call you back, leave your phone number.

Beginners welcome.


Note: Membership in the IWTA-NAS is required after 30 days at $60 per calendar year, prorated. Continued membership requires an official uniform.